What we do

Brad is an author, coach and presenter, with an international community. 

Through our books and association with SA Partners, we provide a comprehensive range of Enterprise Excellence training, coaching and support to solve big problems. Together we are leading authors on many targeted excellence topics to help organisations achieve sustainable change and performance increases. What makes us unique is that we are the researchers and authors on these topics. We have the links to the best practice Universities and systems on the topics of Enterprise Excellence (Cardiff University LERC and Utah State University Shingo Institute). Our services are focused on achieving sustainable change and improvement for organisations customers, people and the planet.

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  1. Enterprise excellence

  2. Strategic planning, deployment and execution

  3. Developing and leading culture

  4. Leading excellence – leader standard work

  5. Agile sales – sales excellence

  6. Agile/QFD – innovation excellence

  7. Agile Lean and Green – enterprise and environmental excellence

  8. TPM – total productive manufacturing

  9. Lean six sigma

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We believe that training alone does not result in sustainable change. We utilise the OSCAR coaching model to develop leaders and team members after training to help sustain change and improvement.

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Any change/improvement journey experiences challenges. These challenges can derail the journey if not rectified, or make it stronger and more successful if overcome. We support organisations to solve problems quickly and effectively to sustain their excellence journey.

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We create resources that will help you to understand your customers more deeply, and amplify your sales performance. We have a range of free resources available when you simply sign up with us. We will also have a range of resources that you can purchase in the near future. As always, reach out if there is a resource that you would like us to develop.